Tea Natural by Delhitea

Natural Tea by Delhitea

Become involved and make the most of the benefits of our line of Natural Tea. Your clients will thank you for it! Help to achieve different sensations, depending on what your physical and emotional state require.

A balance for your mind, body and soul.

The NATURAL TEA pack consists of:

  • 1 tin of Pakistani Passion
  • 1 tin of Bio Al-Andalus
  • 1 tin of Pearl of the Amazons
  • 1 tin of Digestive Pause
  • 1 tin of Earl Grey
  • 1 tin of Bio Star of Nepal
  • 1 tin of Moments of Happiness
  • 1 tin of Essence of the Forest
  • 1 tin of Detox-Bio Reborn
  • 1 tin of Detox-Bio Vital Energy
  • 1 tin of Ayurveda-Bio Personal Well-being
  • 1 tin of Ayurveda-Bio Interior Balance

*Each tin contains 30 pyramids.


  • 4 NATURAL TEA teapots and saucers
  • Table menus

You can also acquire:

  • NATURAL TEA teapots and saucers


Place the pyramid in the cup, add hot water at between 80 and 90ºC, cover, serve and recommend the customer to allow it to stand for 3 minutes.

What is a detox diet?

Detox diets are a trend that consists of cleaning your body in depth. It deacidifies, decongests and detoxifies.

To this end, the natural activity of the internal organs is stimulated, in particular the kidneys and the liver, so that the body detoxifies itself in the most efficient way.

With our modern lifestyle, it is highly recommendable to carry out periodical detox diets.

A high level of stress, artificial food additives and the increasing environmental impact of factors that favour a greater accumulation of foreign metabolic products in the body that cannot be made use of.

This can cause the appearance of certain symptoms such as excessive tiredness, etc.

To detox, you should do away with heavy, acidifying foodstuffs for a long period of time, such as meat, fish, milk, cheese, white flour and alcohol and, as far as possible, ingest natural food products of plant origin.

Sleeping enough, going to the sauna and doing sport will also stimulate the elimination of harmful substances. It is also necessary to drink large amounts of liquid to stimulate the elimination of waste dissolved in the organism.

In addition to filtered water, green teas and infusions of ecologically grown herbs can boost the cleansing effect of the diet even more and provide the body with valuable additional nutrients.

Try not to add milk or sugar to the detox tea if you are having it as part of a detox diet. To cleanse your body effectively, you can drink up to three litres of tea a day.

Detox diets are a popular trend, and rightly so, as people who periodically submit their body to natural cleansing processes feel more vital and can prevent many illnesses.

Green teas and certain herbal infusions are ideal for providing the body with a high amount of liquid during the detox diet. The carefully balanced ingredients can intensify the detox process.